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Looks like filming begins this month, for a movie that won't be released for another 12 months (June 22nd 2018). I guess they want to give themselves more time to fix problems in post-production, and not run out of time to do reshoots or edits if test audiences don't like it.

(I don't think Michael Bay ever did test audience screenings, at least, I never heard of one, as it was always being noted that he had just finished right before its release... and some people are claiming that they noticed some TF5 edits done in the two days between the advance screenings and the general release - which could be possible at some theatres, particularly in America)

It is worth noting, that no matter how bad TF5 does, this sixth movie is going ahead, and would need something really drastic to happen for it to be canned. It may see some scaling back of its scale and budget, but in one year's time we should be seeing this movie on screens here, and a whole new batch of Movie toys, which would already be well into production at the Hasbro and TakaraTomy designer offices.
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