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Originally Posted by VERT View Post
Okay I thought I would give this a go. First up was G1 Whirl with 6%Peroxide been two days and is working but so slow. Next up I got a one ltr bottle of 12% Creme Peroxide from (Price attack?) Lots of Hair products (was my wifes idea to look at that place)

I used it on my G1 Getaway. Painted it on thick with a brush and left him out in the sun all day. It worked great and he is as white as he was when he was new. No damage has been done to the figure. Total success. Will try it on the Whirl tomorow I think.
Hi guys,
some great findings on this topic, just like to say thanks to everyone that has contributed their findings. A lot of my (purchased white) transformers are yellowing all of a sudden with no exposure that I am aware of to the sun which is very dis-heartening to say the least.

I wanted to try the peroxide cream on my getaway but had some questions for Vert if he is still using this site.

1. Did you dis-assemble your Getaway and only put the affected parts in the sun?
2. Did you cover up the blue parts and windshield (I am paranoid that exposing these parts to the sun un-necessarily will damage them too)?
3. Did you just paint around the stickers or remove them first using the zippo fluid technique?

Any thing you can tell me would be great. Thanks...

Also what do you guys do with the removed stickers while whitening the toy. Put it on a used sticker sheet backing or something?
Has anyone NOT had their toy return to yellow after using any of the peroxide processes?

Thanks in advance...
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