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This has been mentioned in the past, I'll bump it again.

The peroxide will 'deactivate' the rub-sign. However, I would highly recommend not to try and peel off the rub-sign, as more likely than not, you'll end up removing the transparency instead of the actual full 'decal', (reason: the glue under the decal has had 20 years to 'cure', i.e. difficult to peel off cleanly in one go) the omission of the transparency will also 'de-activate' the rub-sign. So your better off with a peroxided rub-sign than a disgustingly handled one, leaving you to make efficient use of your saliva to remove the remaining residual.

I really really doubt the above would deter anyone from applying this method as a reborn whitened toy > no rub-sign toy anyday.
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