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Originally Posted by 1AZRAEL1 View Post
Guitar Hero games these days have the ability to create your own music in the studio, not sure if Rock Band has it.

Unless you meant actually adding in the music via MP3 and it works out the buttons. That would be a wicked idea, but seems to futuristic to see it anytime soon. Would be cool because then I could put my bands stuff on there (as I am not smart enough to create it in the game because it is friggin difficult to create a song )
There was a mod years ago for the Guitar Hero II that allowed you do your own songs. Basically it involved a couple of computer programs to copy the game disc, use your own songs, burn it to a blank, also needing a chipped PS2. The track title would stay the same but the buttons and music would be your song. Very time-consuming.

I remember a clip of someone playing 'The Touch' which is how I found out about it. This isn't the clip I saw but it gives you an idea. And the site which tells you how to do it -
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