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Whoever invents a machine that you can hook your brain up to and press print will make a lot of money! (From me at least )

All my other stuff is still rattling around in my head sadly, so you could consider them either Works in Progress or still in the conception stage.

Fighting for attention in there are:
  • A proper backstory for Depth Charge and Rampage.
  • BW Dinobot's Origins.
  • BW Megatron's Origins.
  • The Corvus comic I've posted in this section.
  • The backstory for the Tripredacus Council (which ties into the Corvus comic)
  • A history of the Golden Disks.
  • A Spotlight story for Soundwave after the Hub assault, as he's actually the one that inscribes the message on the Voyager Probe disk, not Megatron, as he's dead.

I think that's all of them but I'm sure I've missed something.

I did have another thread around here somewhere... The VernoVerse Thread

A lot of it is preliminary work on the TransWarp story, and I can't guarantee it wasn't usurped by later writing, but there's a heap of backstory stuff in there from memory, if you're at all keen to read some more stuff.

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