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Aaaaaaaahhhhh?!?!? This after I've already pre-ordered my Generations book and Artfire toy (and I've already purchased the JPY to pay for it). United Artfire has costed me $71... so if a regular store release version comes out for say approx. $45, then it feels like I would have 'wasted' $26 on an overpriced Voyager. Even if the regular version doesn't come with the Mini-Con... $26 is way too much to pay for a Mini-Con!

It's odd... with lesser known obscure characters like Stepper and Artfire, one would think it'd make more sense to release them as limited exclusives rather than flooding regular retail shelves with them and risk having them shelf warm as kids and casual collectors look at them and think, "Who's that?" I never agreed with the decision to release Gentei Thundercracker, Skywarp, Thrust and Dirge was limited exclusives - I reckon they would've sold as regular store releases - but I was understanding of the decision to release lesser known characters like Artfire and Stepper (who are even obscure to most Japanese fans) as limited exclusives.

I'm not bothered by the fact that my exclusive Artfire won't appreciate as much, because I don't intend to sell it... I'm bothered by the fact that I could've saved $20-30 by skipping the exclusive and getting the regular version! HasTak did the same thing with Thundercracker, Thrust and Dirge -- people who got the BotCon or Gentei versions, when the Generations versions came out -- while glad for people who missed out on the previous versions, must've been miffed about paying extra for the BotCon/Genteis. I know I felt that way when Generations Thundercracker came out -- which I bought, because Gentei Thundercracker suffers from mould degradation (I should've kept Classics Skywarp too; I was too hasty in selling him after getting Gentei Skywarp).
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