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Since Kmart has Titans Returns Voyagers at the clearance price this week of $39 each (normally $49), I been travelling around to all the kmart store on the Gold Coast buying any I didn't have in my collection. This is what I spotted at each store:

Pines, Elanora: Megatron, Broadside.

Robina Town Centre: Alpha Trion, Astrotrain.

Australia Fair: Blitzwing, Broadside.

Pacific fair: Broadside.

Tweed City: Blitzwing, Broadside.

Westfield Helensvale: Octone, Blitzwing, Astrotrain.

Other stores I visited:

Toys r us, Robina: Trypticon ($300), Sky Shadow, Broadside.

Toyworld, Australia Fair: Broadside, Astrotrain, Combiner Wars Onslaught.
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