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Well, it was this time last year that I had my campaign team in top gear, kissing hands and shaking babies to win me the OzF Member of the Year. Will be interesting to see who will be my successor.

Now I know everyone will just want to vote for me again. But try to think of a category where I am not number one, then vote for that person. For instance you could vote for the member that is the most:

Well Informed
Person that brings the most hope to the masses in an ever increasingly chaotic world

er..... ok. Well that doesn't work cause you'll still all just vote for me. Sigh... this is harder than I thought.

Just vote for a mate then - I'm voting for 1AZREAL1 because without him this yokel would still be lost on the labyrinth of Sydney trains trying to get home from the PotP event at Hasbro - you rock mate!
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