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Originally Posted by kurdt_the_goat View Post
Looking back through the pics of FansToys Acoustic Wave, anyone a bit suspect that the very first prototype might have been a stolen early prototype of the official MP Soundwave?

FansToys' second prototype changed so much (for what reason?) from the first, which looks much closer to the real MP Soundwave... you have to wonder!
It does beg the question, why would they bother doing anything if they had even the slightest idea that TakaraTomy would release one too!

I don't think that FansToys was aware of the design. The overall Soundwave design is very straight forward so it's very easy for different parties to create similar deisigns for a Micro cassette recorder Soundwave. This is specially so since both designs are going to be based on the G1 toy and character model.

There is also considerable but understandably subtle design discrepancies making both very different if you carefully analyze them.
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