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Target has a sale on transformers at the moment (ends Wednesday 13th June)

Target Tweed Mall:
POTP: Slash, Windcharger, Battleslash, Roadtrap, Tailgate (Sale: $15 each)
Wave 1 deluxes (Sale: $27 each)
2x Starscream, 2x Grimlock (Sale: $39 each)

Target Robina:
Same as Tweed Mall.

Target Pacific Fair:
POTP: Wave 1 and 2 prime masters (Sale: $8 each)
Wave 1 deluxes (Sale: $27 each)
1x Starscream, 2x Hun-gurrr (Sale: $39 each)

Myer Pacific fair:
4x Trypticon (Clearance price: $150 each)
Deluxe, Voyager, Leader The Last Knight figures on Clearance prices
POTP: Wave 1 deluxes and Starscream
Titans Return: Megatron, Broadside and some deluxes
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