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Default MOTUC- keep or sell?

After picking up some sealed vintage stuff, I'm in 2 minds about my MOTUC stuff. All of my MOTUC stuff is sealed, and it's likely to remain sealed.

The figures I have are:

Evil Lynn
Battle Cat
Palace Guards
Mo-Larr Vs Skeletor

With MOTUC stuff generally plateauing in price, am I better off hanging onto it for now, or just biting the bullet and selling it off?

UPDATE: most of the above are sold. All I have left now are:

Teela (V1.0): $100 MOSC (complete with generic mailer box)
Weapons Rack: $40 MOSC (complete with mailer box)
Great Unrest Weapons Pak: $40 MOSC (complete with mailer box)
Mo-Larr Vs Skeletor: $70 MISB (complete with mailer box)

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