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Before this thread goes off-topic and is locked, I am curious to know if many IDW fans will continue to read their stories if they are erased from TF continuity by a reboot. Maybe I am being too pessimistic, because I am now reading the old TF UK material. But someone mentioned DC New 52, and I am sure their sales of pre-52 material must have gone down

Really eager to see Unicron return though.
I think similar to a lot of comic book runs, a reboot provides existing fans with a good "jumping off" point for those looking to "move onto other things"; and how better to end things with Unicron killing off everything . However, this reboot will also provide new and prospective fans with a good "jumping ON" point.

Me personally, I've been trying to curb my collecting for years, so I have no plans on collecting a new series. Also, with Hasbro wanting to roll-out a War For Cybertron (WFC) Trilogy toyline that will probably run for 4-5 years starting in 2019, the rebooted comic series will probably take place in the WFC/FoC universe. It would probably appeal more to fans of the video games (which I haven't played).

Normally I'd be tempted to buy some issue #1s of a new comic series (especially Transformers), but like I said, I've been trying to slow down my collecting.
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