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You could totally fix that drill a small hole through the shoulder assembly inline with the hole in the centre, then smear a little hard setting epoxy in the bottom to plug the newly created hole, that will extend the hole. Once the epoxy bung has set cut down a nail or screw, insert into the new hole and fill with viscous hard setting epoxy eg. Araldite. Wait atleast 48 hours for the Araldite to cure then repeat the process on the arm itself, this time without the steel support (nail or screw). Once you have the two pieces prepared, dip the steel support in some araldite and mate the two pieces together, clamp it for atleast 48 hours, afterwhich it should be nigh on as strong as it was before.

I had to do this with my 3A Bumblebee wing when he landed, took some time but have never had an issue since.
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