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I'm a fan of walkers/spiders so I really love the Striking Venom. It's pretty huge but the Combat Crawler probably is the better legged mech. I'm kinda spewing I didn't pick up the Mobile Devastator from Target at the sale price of $72 to complete my collection. Well not really complete as I'm not interested at the Golden Tower and Sonic Phantom.

Good Luck with the hunt. If I spot a Supernova (or any 7700+ sets) I'll pick it up and arrange something. The Supernova and the blue mech in the Sentai Headquarters set are exactly the same bar the colour of course and different weapons and fins. Hah! A repaint with slight modifications! Although they are (along with Golden Guardian and Aero Booster) the best mechs in the series.

I might get my sets out and do group pictures. Am also on the verge on making some Transformers Lego with my spares.
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