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Originally Posted by Paulbot View Post
I don't think fandom is bored with Movie toys, I think we are not happy with what Hasbro is doing and this concept (although we still don't really know the full story) seems to be continuing the problem of too many toys of the same characters/designs (some of which are now 10 years old) instead of more original things.

I suspect the TLK line would have been better received if they'd put some effort into new toys/characters rather than repainting a bunch of AOE toys and giving collectors only a few actual new toys (two of which are the same guy - Megatron) instead of robots like Mohawk, Onslaught, Daytrader, Trench, Canopy, WW2 Bumblebee, WW2 Hot Rod, the WW2 Jet, the WW2 Tank etc.
Yep - TLK represents by far the least expenditure on toys Iíve made from the 5 flicks for exactly the above reasons. Iíve got Prime & Bbee from the last 4 movies - I donít need or want them from yet another one. What I DO want are characters like Mowhawk.

And itís so silly they have toys for characters that werenít even in ANY of the flicks like the raptor dinobot (who first appeared in the AoE toy line) but none of ones like whoever the rusted Combi Con was.
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