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Thread: MAIN INDEX (of everything in this section)

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    Default MAIN INDEX (of everything in this section)

    (work in progress, obviously - links to be added as topics are generated)

    HOW TO USE THIS SECTION - either scroll through this index to progressively click through subjects to find a specific thing you are looking for, OR, search this entire section by going back to the main topic listing and click on 'search this forum' (top right hand side of the topic listing box).

    - By Year
    - By Series (Hasbro/Western)
    - By Series (Takara/Japanese)
    - Instructions links
    (Variants archive)

    - Index

    - Index

    - Index

    Store guides
    - Major retailers/chains in Australia
    - Independent stores in Australia
    - Comic shops in Australia
    - Online stores in Australia or servicing Australia
    - Specialty stores in neighbouring countries
    Malaysia & Thailand stores
    Hong Kong stores
    Stores selling Transformers in Japan
    Singapore stores
    Maps for stores in Singapore, HongKong and Japan
    Sightings in Japan
    Sightings in Singapore
    Sightings in Taiwan
    Sightings in China

    - Collector Fairs & Conventions

    Ozformers Messageboard fan services
    - How do you insert/attach images here?
    - What might this be worth?
    - Is this toy a Fake?
    - Guides to help spotting fakes.
    - Who's accessory is this?
    - Needing Customising help?
    - Random quick questions
    - How to sell or auction items on this site.
    - Complete Battery listing in Transformers toys
    - Most Hasbro Transformers have the Australian address on them, just in case they get released here later, it is not an indication or guarantee of being released here.

    History of the Transformers Franchise
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