Hey guys,

I just want to share an experience I've had recently with TFSource.com. Usually I am inclined to find the cheapest deal I can online when looking for TF's but in my excitement I decided that fastest delivery time was more important for my first Takara MasterPiece. Which led me to order MP-10 from TFSource as their delivery time (at the time of pre-order) was a week earlier than anywhere else I could find. Sure enough the delivery was late (about the same time as other companies had quoted) but I was just happy to get my Transformer. I opened him up and played around posing his robot mode for about a week before I decided to transform him. BUT to my horror as I moved his pieces around and gently eased his wheel cover over to his leg it snapped! NOOOOOO! Was my immediate reaction. I had no idea what to do and in close inspection I realised it would be impossible to glue it as the hinges that snapped are so small that if I glued them I'd either glue in the pin or if I removed the pin and put it in afterwards it would surely resnap the hinge. I was leaving for holidays the next day so I thought I'd email TFSource and tell them how pissed off I was. And to my astonishment they said they will be happy to send replacement parts for...... FREE! So a few emails back and forth with their repair tech to isolate the exact piece I need and it's shipped out on it's way here. However the nice tech guy decided that rather having me take the leg apart completely that it would be better if he sent a whole new leg! So the moral of this story? Although I've found TFSource to be a little more pricey than some other retailers, their customer service is amazing and I think I'll be ordering all my larger purchases through them (MP's mostly) as their willingness to help and send replacement parts is just great.

Oh and I didn't get payment for typing this ad up for them. Unless you consider Primes leg a payment. LOL