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Thread: Movie Critics Thread

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    Spider-Man far from home. Better and worse than the first film for many different reasons, not as character driven and very special effects laden but it makes sense. You?ll be watching the movie going ?what???? Then it all makes sense at the end. My wife who has no knowledge of the comics was surprised but I think most people will figure it all out pretty quickly.

    Make sure to stay till the end for clues about the direction of the mcu into phase four. I?m very interested in where they go from here.

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    Saw Spider-Man: Far From Home. It has it's slow moments but mainly it's good and I knew what Mysterio's main weapon was going to be although this Mysterio has a grander background story.

    When it comes to the post credits scenes, the first one is the bigger WTF. How the hell is Pete going to get out of this one?!

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    I've seen Parasite twice in cinemas now. I went in watching the first time completely blind about this movie and I strongly recommend that people watch it the same way. Don't ask questions about it, don't read any synopses and don't watch any trailers.

    This film has won awards at film festivals in Sydney, Munich and Cannes (where it won the Palm d'Or).
    In an age where so many movies are remakes or adaptations of pre-existing material it's really refreshing to see a movie that's not. While I do enjoy my superhero movies it is a breath of fresh air to see something more original.

    This is an M rated film and not family friendly -- definitely not one for kiddies so I would only recommend it for adults only. This movie is kind of like Fight Club in that I just cannot talk about it to anyone who hasn't seen it, and for those who have we can sit down and talk about how this movie has spun us out and WTH did we just watch and how do we make sense of this. One interesting thing is what genre would you classify Parasite as? Because different people have different opinions, and here's the creepy thing, your answer says something about your personality type. I saw it the first time with colleagues and we all had different ideas on the genre. Second time I saw with the Mrs and she also had a different view.

    I cannot recommend this film highly enough. I would rate it as one of the top films of 2019, especially given its originality.

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