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Thread: Movie Critics Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by shockNwave View Post
    Genysys nearly put me off any future Terminator movies. An uninspiring trailer and then finding it's the first time in history a trailer has spoiled the movie.
    I think the Dark Fate trailers came close to doing so too. The notable absence of one character, the chronological order of events, all we needed was to see the ending and bam, 2 hours saved

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    Recently watched Bento Harassment (今日も嫌がらせ弁当), currently screening at the Japanese Film Festival. A really touching drama-comedy about a single mother and her strained relationship with her teenage daughter. The movie tugs on the heart strings and brought tears to my eyes on a few occasions, but also wonderfully punctuates the tension with comedic moments, including a few times where the fourth wall is broken (to deliver comedic soliloquy).

    Yoshine Kyoko plays Futaba, the teenage daughter. I've seen her before in Piano in the Shed (物置のピアノ), which was shown at the 2014 Film Festival (and was considered for becoming the new HSC Japanese Extension prescribed text, only to be outed by Your Name (君の名は)). Definitely worth checking out another great independent movie that presents an original story; something that seems to be in increasingly short supply in an age where every other movie is either a sequel or prequel or adaptation etc. of something that already exists. I like my superhero movies too, but sometimes I like to see wholly new ideas too.

    P.S.: Does anyone else find it funny that they call it a "Film Festival" when movies these days are shot on digital cameras?
    P.P.S.: Yoshine Kyoko was born in the same year that I joined OTCA. Geeeeezz...

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    Watched Rambo:Last Blood and it's best to skip to the last half hour of the movie because that's where the action's at.

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