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Thread: (JAN-2013) Hasbro Gen1 Toys - Reviews and Favourites

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    Thanks tinyJazz!
    Wanted AM partner Vanguard, Myclones Dirge, G1 Victory Leo, e-hobby Dark scream ( the black version), e-hobby Magnificus
    Parts- AM partner Basher-side guns, G1 Actionmaster Elite Windmill's blades[I][B]

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinyJazz View Post

    What? You should totally have gone up a rank by now. :U You should still be able to use IMG tags regardless of rank. Just click the box next to "IMG code" on photobucket and paste into your reply.
    So, it was all Dirge's fault! Do you still have your original?

    Yeah, still got my G1 Dirge Lost a hand and a gun but lasted the years a lot better than many of my other figures.

    Not too fused about ranks - just happy to have my TF chat

    Will try that technique you said now - lets see if it works! Ha! It does! Thanks mate!!!


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    • What are your Best and Worst toys of this series?

    Is both easy & hard; Soundwave would have to be my all-time favourite as he is both simple in form & function but has quite high levels of articulation & well executed gimmicks.

    Being that he essentially turns into a box that happens to be a (Mock) Micro-cassette Recorder/Player, it affords him a very distinctive silhouette and once of the coolest gimmicks a robot can have in general but which also is directly referential to his chosen Alt mode.

    I'm of course referring to his 'Deployable' Micro-cassette minions of many shapes & forms that are all required to conform to both Soundwave's will & chest.

    A robot toy comprised of multiple robots is cool, but one that houses them & sends them off to do his bidding is another thing entirely; the fact that he has his own small army under his own command, I feel, really sets him apart from all other Transformers & really has only recently seen proper justice/homage being paid to his nigh 30 year old design in the forms of both a Generations Voyager Toy (With Datadisk Minions) & a Masterpiece Toy (Assumed non-viable).

    So distinctive & unique is the toy, that its face would go on to adorn each & every Decepticon figure that has been produced to-date that bares a Decepticon faction symbol - be it a sticker or tampograph.

    I actually find choosing a 'Worst' G1 figure to be very hard to do as they are the original forerunners of the franchise & are very much a product of their era; but if I had to choose a single figure that I'd consider to be the 'Worst' I couldn't...

    Because the worst figure is actually an entire line of figures from the very end of the G1 line that really, quite frankly, does not even deserve the title/designation of 'Transformers'.

    If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm referring to the 'G.I. Joe wannabe' line of Transformers called: Actionmasters.

    This entire line was an equally poor conceived & executed series of toys that took the 'transforming' away from the actual characters & gave it to their weapons or vehicles, rendering them complete & utter failures as 'Transformers' toys regardless as to how questionably good they were as 'Action figures'.

    It was such a deplorable experiment that it quite literally nailed the coffin shut on the wider G1 toyline, with only a few remaining actual transformers seeing release in Europe & Australia (Japan withstanding also) and as such should always be remembered as the single worst iteration of the G1 toyline in existence.

    • What was your first one, and when?

    My 1st ever transformer, technically, was a 'My First Transformer' Jet plane.

    I however discount this and consider the Decepticon Micromaster Anti-Aircraft Team/Base; this set was bought for my 4th or 5th Birthday by my late Grandfather & whilst wasn't necessarily the figure/s I wanted, I played with them to death and sadly only ever really stopped playing with them when my younger siblings saw to it to loose&break almost every component of the set.

    • What ones are you most looking for and why?

    The G1 figures I'm most looking forward to would have to be the Headmasters line of figures, most specifically the Decepticons in Weirdwolf, Apeface, Snapdragon, Horri-bull Squeezeplay & Fangry.

    I really dig the concept of a robot who's head transforms into it's own smaller humanoid robot and pilots its own body which transforms into a Beast or Vehicle - In some cases whole battle fortresses!

    They're an evolution of the Transformers play pattern that was really superbly conceived, with each head having differing stats that were readout via a marked tumbler gimmick within the larger bodies & definitely put a new spin on the 'Combiner' concept.

    Their only real downside or failure was that if one were to lose the little head-robot, you essentially were left with a headless larger torso that whilst could transform still & be effective in that manner, no one ever wants a headless robot that isn't designed to be that way.

    • A photo of my entire collection of G1 figures as it currently stands:

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    What are your Best and Worst toys of this series?
    Best for me will always be Starscream (shock) but there were soooo many i would love to list, i think over a test of time Soundwave and Jetfire held up well as toys.
    Worst of the original G1 toys for me would be Megs (sorry for everyone i just made gasp), i just think his bot mode looks woeful when looking at him now. For the second biggest drawcard in the franchise i think more effort was needed here.

    What was your first one, and when?
    Got 3 for Xmas back in 84 or 85 (too old and memory is shot) being Starscream, Soundwave and Sideswipe.

    What ones are you most looking for and why?
    Still dont own Roadbuster whom i really want, always thought he looked awesome in the brochures but for some reason i have never picked one up

    Once i work out this photo bucket thing i will post some photos of mine but it wont compare to most that are on here

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    During the Era of Hasbro Generation 1 (1984-1993 - any country)...

    What are your Best and Worst toys of this series?
    I can only comment on very few as I have never had many.
    Prime is always my go to best figure.

    What was your first one, and when?
    Prime or Springer probably around 3-5 years old.

    What ones are you most looking for and why?
    Metroplex, typticon and Fortmax (which is preordered). I love city bots and big robots.
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