I've bought figures on pre-order from Popcultcha. Their service is pretty good, although among the last few orders I've placed, RotJ Luke and RotS Obi-Wan have been delayed. To be fair, these were likely due to shipping or other logistics delays.

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Is a shame that manufactures are getting away with list pre orders over six months ahead. I wished something could be done to put a hammer down on such releases.

Even companies like Bandai should not be listing items over six months ahead. I think is a cash grab and I know this is a hard thing to say but we could get into accidents and die without even seeing the toy. I for one feel customers are taken for a ride and in many ways being bullied. Is sad that sometimes the Fandom don't see the issue and ONLY care about ordering and securing a toy.
On the other hand, you have to put down deposits for 'pre-orders' on things like cars and houses.