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Thread: Toys broken while in your possession

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    Default Toys broken while in your possession

    Since a lot of our toys are aging and deteriorating/breaking just from transforming them (or playing with them, if you still do)... I was thinking that maybe we can see what people are breaking unintentionally.
    People can suggest repairs if they want, but this can just document the the various figures that are breaking through "normal play" or accidental causes, so we can share in the pain of breaking something prized, rare or expensive (or common even).

    These are some examples of what I mean...

    This "tragedy" occurred to me two weeks ago, while setting up a group-shot of my toys (playing with themselves). My Junior Fortress Maximus fell to the floor and broke its arm.

    I'm gonna have to disect the toy and glue the arm back to its stump, and then keep an eye out for a cheap junker.
    It's just annoying that I only got this toy 15 months ago, after about 10 years of wanting one.

    I only recently got the Tigatron USB stick to complete the set of three, and as I had the three out, the jaw broke off Ravage (Cheetor's jaw broke off the day I got it out of its box - so now only Tigatron is unbroken).

    This one was trying to straighten out a bent arm on a Sentinel Prime figurine, and it just snapped off. Another job for superglue.

    And one that can't be fixed...
    Rampage's shiny red coating rubbing off one day when I was cleaning the dust off it with a cloth.

    Ones I don't have photos for...
    - Masterpiece Ultra Magnus. The Megatron gun was snapped in half by the neighbour's kid, and it's the unique deco version (I wouldn't have cared as much if it was one of the Optimus ones, as there are several now in classic Megatron colours... but this was the only "diaclone" coloured version so far released).
    - Dual Model Kit Bumblebee. Broke one of the tiny struts for a "back wing" while building it, which is too small for the weight it is holding for the re-gluing attempts to work.
    - Robot Masters Starscream. A friend was transforming it and snapped off a tail-fin. They replaced it with a new Starscream, but the tail-fin could probably glue back on.

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    My worst accident by far was trying to repair my original G1 Megatron. For some bizarre reason I had peeled off his chest / gun barrel stickers and coloured the remaining stickers (the sticker residue / paper) black using a marker

    I was using just water to remove the remaining 20+ year old residue and wiping it with a cloth as I was going. As I was impatient waiting for it to dry so I could apply my new Reprolabel stickers, I decided to use my wife’s hairdryer. Anyone want to guess what happened next? Yep, the plastic of Megatrons chest piece melted and warped I was beside myself and in a panic I didn't know what to do and rang my wife at work. Next I rang Jamie (dealer from the Parra Collectors Fair) but he couldn't help me either.

    Once I had calmed down, I searched on eBay for a junker Megs, found and bought one, and have since repaired my old one. I never want to go through that again and thus.... I don't play with my toys anymore
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    Haven't broke anything significant since I started collecting 2 years ago.
    But within an hour of unboxing Perfect Effect's RC Motobot I had snapped one of the legs off the sniper rifle's bipod. It has since been fixed by drilling in and installing a new peg fashioned from brass rod.

    But in my childhood I slowly lost any loose bits from G1 Dirge and Ramjet as well as snapping the canopy and spoiler off G1 Hot Rod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffin View Post
    I only recently got the Tigatron USB stick to complete the set of three, and as I had the three out, the jaw broke off Ravage (Cheetor's jaw broke off the day I got it out of its box - so now only Tigatron is unbroken).
    My Device Label Cheetor is broken in all kinds of places it ain't funny. I hate that toy... it's such a weak (and overpriced - even below RRP) piece of CRAP.

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    My missus tried to move an arm on Lord Zarak, and it just snapped. I was mortified and then vowed never to play with Headmasters, powermasters partners ever again.

    No recent breaks or damage thank god. But the amount of times some figures have fallen from their perch and not broken is amazing.

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    Significant breaks for me:

    when a young fella my mum was fiddling with my Swoop while talking on the phone, I might have been getting her help transforming it, either way, she snapped off the upper or lower jaw, and it's never been the same. She did feel horrible.

    when even younger, my baby sister sat on my g1 prime trailer (it was about the right size for her to use as a chair) and the hing holding the back door on failed. the door will sit there closed but falls off readily.

    My G1 mirage has one of the spoiler tabs broken off, the spoiler has been held in place with some blu-tac for over 20 years. probably nearly 30.

    binaltech wheeljack has a damaged spoiler, I plan to glue it back together at some point.

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    Out of my G1 stuff:

    The Green plastic seems to go brittle easy for a couple of my gestalt combiners

    Sinnertwin: decided I wanted to change his position on Abominus and when moving the small robot head (even holding it as close to the body as I could) snapped in my hand
    Vortex: folded out his tail section and the green inner plastic disintegrated in my hand on both sides.

    Have since fixed them both with junkers

    More recent TF's

    Gave my son my Mint in BOX Transmetal Megatron to play with (not knowing he is known for breaking easily). I feel so sorry for my son as he came running to me within minutes sobbing with both Megs arms in his hand. The brown plastic on his chest had disintegrated

    Decided to open my BW mutants and put them on display - Soudwave broke in three places just by looking at him His jaw hinge broke, and where his body comes together chipped in a couple of places just by clicking the two haves together

    Finally (sorry to bore everyone) - Decided to open some of my Beast Machines to display better. Started to unwire Nightscream and discovered the clear plastic holding his waist together had broken so he came out of the box in two pieces (stupid beast machines )

    surprisingly as 1AZRAEL1 mentioned some of my toys have fallen from significant heights and not a mark on them. The most recent being that I was rearranging my alternators/binaltechs (which are on the top shelf of one of my display cases) Bumped binaltech Arcee an she did a back flip and fell about 8 feet to hard concrete floor with just that tile stlye carpet (approx .5 cm thick) to break her fall. Not a mark

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    My Breakages

    *One of Silverbolts leg joints snapped off. Then a year later the other one did. Now to make him stand I need to use bluetack and making Superion is almost impossible

    *A year ago poor old Sludges leg broke off. Was transforming him the same way I had a million times before - poor fella is just old

    *Bought a Fizzle off ebay earlier this year. The front broke off the very first time I tried to Transform him. Also my Ratbat came with his ears broken off (which it did NOT show in the pic).

    *My MISB Reflector that I got two years ago, someone stood on his camera barrel and it broke evenly in half. Still waiting for me to glue back together.

    *My wife's idiot cousin grabbed my Gears and banged him around the monopoly board we were using him as a piece for and broke off one of his shinguards

    *My mate gave me a Powerglide, a Thrust and a Jetfire out of his old toy box. Jetfire is missing an arm, one of Thrusts guns in broken and he is missing one tailfin and Powerglide had been broken some time in the past and been superglued back together in vehicle mode. But they were free so I still appreciated them

    *Found a red Bumblebee, though with all the rubber missing from his tires. Still a good find though!

    *Bulkhead broke in half at the hip. Still able to stand him up if I balance him carefuly

    *My 6 inch WW Optimus fell forward and his gun broke in half

    *My little Bumblebee bust fell forward and broke all the fingertips off one hand

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    Transformed ehobby Twincast after cleaning him. Next thing i know i'm holding his arm in my hand. Just snapped clean at the shoulder.

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    Alternators Mirage, fresh out of a sealed box. I snapped half the hinge on one of his chest/floor plates the first time I transformed him. The bit that snapped off looked like it was melted onto the next piece of plastic though. :/

    Fortunately the break doesn't affect his transformation or looks, so I'm not worried about fixing or replacing.
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