In a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon talks about how he likes Transformers.

In Community they start guessing different names and then the names become... "Bluestreak? Optimus Prime?" to which the girl responds "Now even I know some of these are the names of Transformers".

There was an add running for The Colbert Report for ages where he said "And as the President landed in what I can only assume to be a Transformer"

Can't remember the name of the song but on one of my cd's there is a song where the line is "And if not for the Decepticons, they'd rule the f@#king world"

There is another song on Youtube called 'You, me and Optimus Prime'

On the cartoon show 'Frisky Dingo' they talked about needing a bad guy toy for the good one to fight and the guys says "A Decepticon to your Autobot". Also on that show the X-ticles renamed themselves 'The Decpeticles' and their theme song was (same tune as Transformers) 'The Decepticles, more than you bargained for'

In Archer, Pam is coughing from smoking a spliff down the intercom and tried to cover it by saying 'Transform', like she was imitating the noise. Also in another episode she had taken hallucinegons and stared accusing her co-workers of being Decepticons. At the end of the episode she is smashing a toilet yelling 'Must. Kill. Decepticons!'

In Scubs they painted a mural on the baby's wall of Optimus & Megatron fighting.

Interestingly, they used Dreamwave art for Megatron and G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime box art for Prime.

Heh - Im sure I can think of a few more but that'll do for now