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Thread: (DEC-2013) Movie Era Toys - Reviews and Favourites

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    Just thought I'd update this since the movie era has expanded

    What are your Best and Worst toys of Age of Extinction

    *LA01 Battle Command & Evasion Mode Optimus Prime
    *Dinobots Snarl & Scorn
    -Honorable mention to LA12 Stinger and Voyager Galvatron for not being as crap as I expected

    *Deluxe & One-Step Changer Lockdown
    -Dishonorable mention for Leader Grimlock for not fulfilling my dreams of what the toy could be

    What was your first one, and when?

    May 10th 2014 - picked up Leader Grimlock and Deluxes Scorn, Slug & Crosshairs at Toyworld on a shopping trip to Bendigo

    What ones are you currently most looking for and why?
    Junkheap - just so I can have another AOE Decepticon character

    Show us some pics of your collection of the ones you have.

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    The ROTF line was basically the high watermark of this entire 30+ year franchise for my money in terms of toy construction and engineering.

    The quality dipped markedly in DOTM, though they raised the Human Alliance game to a whole new level at this time.

    Counting 2010's HFTD line as part of the movieverse-

    HFTD Leader Starscream
    ROTF Leader Optimus Prime (+ any of the premium repaints)
    DOTM Human Alliance Roadbuster
    DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave
    ROTF Human Alliance Jazz
    ROTF Deluxe Dirge
    ROTF Voyager Long Haul
    ROTF Voyager Mixmaster

    ROTF Blazemaster/Evac
    DOTM Deluxe Roadbuster

    What was your first one and when?
    The day that they were released I managed to convince my dad (in my pre license holding days) to nip down to a nearby ToysRUs where I bought Deluxe Barricade, Brawl, Blackout, Jazz and Bonecrusher with leftover birthday money.

    What ones are you currently most looking for and why?
    I've got (and subsequently sold mostly) everything I was after. Of figures that exist I regret missing out on DOTM leader Ironhide, and DOTM leader Sentinel Prime.

    Of hypothetical toys I was disappointed we never got a proper Dino/Mirage at any size point (would have killed for a pre DOTM standards deluxe or a Human Alliance figure) and a not garbage Lockdown.
    I'm really just here for the free food and open bar.

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