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    Default Lego Acquisitions

    This has been suggested a few times, and I personally like the idea for a few reasons:

    1. Lego is clearly a popular side-topic at this board
    2. Otherwise, I find the signal to noise ratio very low in the general non-TF thread

    So, I'm going to give it a try.

    I have all the original Indiana Jones stuff and had no intention of getting the Crystal Skull stuff because of how abyssmal I felt the movie was, but after I've seen a few grab the Mutt Williams action figure, I thought I'd grab the Mutt Williams minifig, so I got him in the cheapest set I could.

    I also did a bit of hunting with STL for older Exo-Force stuff as it's seemingly being phased out and on special in a few local locations. We're both aligned in the opinion that it's good supplies for building Lego TFs in the future (non-Duplo of course ). I happily grabbed my first three sets.

    Is Exo-Force coming to a close? Or is it just the last wave is coming to a close?

    Quote Originally Posted by Thanatos View Post
    Side note: I love the combo idea. Unfortunately the only place I can find the instructions to build the combos is online. Any other place I can get them/order them?
    Do they charge for the instructions?
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