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Thread: 2013 Ozformer Awards winners

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    Default 2013 Ozformer Awards winners

    All Time Favourites

    Favourite Transformers Toy Series
    Winner: Masterpiece (31%)
    Runner-ups: Generation One (29%), Classics/Generations (19%)

    Favourite Transformer Allegiance
    Winner: Autobot (53%)
    Runner-ups: Decepticon (43%), Maximal (4%)

    Favourite Heroic Transformer Toy Ever
    Winner: MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime (17%)
    Runner-ups: G1 Optimus Prime (15%), MP Prowl (5%)

    Favourite Heroic Transformer Character Ever
    Winner: Optimus Prime (32%)
    Runner-ups: Grimlock, Dinobot (7% each)

    Favourite Evil Transformer Toy Ever
    Winner: MP Soundwave (20%)
    Runner-ups: G1 Soundwave (8%), Devastator (4%)

    Favourite Evil Transformer Character Ever
    Winner: Soundwave (21%)
    Runner-ups: Starscream (15%), BW Megatron (11%)

    Transformers toys - Main lines

    Favourite Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion class toy
    Winner: Air Vehicon (35%)
    Runner-ups: Soundwave (13%), Twinstrike (10%)

    Favourite Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander class toy
    Winner: Shockwave (26%)
    Runner-ups: Hardshell (24%), Trailcutter (11%)

    Favourite Beast Hunters Deluxe Toy
    Winner: Smokescreen (21%)
    Runner-ups: Wheeljack (13%), Dreadwing (12%)

    Favourite Beast Hunters Voyager (Powerizer) toy
    Winner: Shockwave (32%)
    Runner-ups: Sharkticon Megatron (19%), Ulta Magnus (17%)

    Favourite large size Beast Hunters toy
    Winner: Beast Fire Predaking (76%)
    Runner-ups: Beast Hunter Optimus Prime (13%), Talking Bumblebee (7%)

    Favourite Construct-bots toy
    Winner: Soundwave (28%)
    Runner-ups: Ironhide (14%), Optimus Prime, Wheeljack (12% each)

    Favourite Micro-Changer Kreon toy
    Winner: Nemesis Prime (12%)
    Runner-ups: Arcee, Lugnut (8% each)

    Favourite Micro-Changers Combiners set
    Winner: Decepticon Bruticus (27%)
    Runner-ups: Construction Devastator (23%), Predaking (20%)

    Favourite Beast Hunters Kreo set
    Winner: Autobot Command Center (32%)
    Runner-ups: Beast Blade Optimus Prime (22%), Dragon Assault (20%)

    Favourite Bot Shots toy
    Winner: B004 Jump Shot Optimus Prime (12%)
    Runner-ups: Super Bot 001 Sunstorm, Super Bot 005 Dirt Boss, B003 Jump Shot Shockwave (9% each)

    Transformers toys - Other lines and imports

    Favourite Generations Legends toy (imported)
    Winner: Swerve & Flanker (26%)
    Runner-ups: Starscream & Waspinator (19%), Optimus Prime & Roller (18%)

    Favourite Generations Deluxe toy (local or imported)
    Winner: Waspinator (19%)
    Runner-ups: Orion Pax (11%), Skids (10%)

    Favourite Generations Voyager toy (local or imported)
    Winner: Springer (45%)
    Runner-ups: Rhinox (26%), Grimlock, Sandstorm (11% each)

    Favourite Titan figure
    Winner: Hasbro Metroplex (66%)
    Runner-ups: Takara Metroplex (21%), Hong Kong ACG-CON exclusive Metroplex (7%)

    Favourite (local) Masterpiece release
    Winner: Soundwave (86%)
    Runner up: Acid Storm (14%)

    Favourite (local) store exclusive release
    Winner: Omega Supreme (69%)
    Runner-ups: Bruticus vs Grimlock (17%), Ultra Magnus (14%)

    Favourite (Japanese) Masterpiece release
    Winner: Soundwave (33%)
    Runner-ups: Prowl (31%), Smokescreen (20%)

    Favourite Triple Combination: Transformers Go! toy
    Winner: G11 Hunter Optimus Prime (18%)
    Runner-ups: G13 Hunter Shockwave (16%), G25 Go Prime (9%)

    Favourite BotCon 2013 toy
    Winner: Sunstorm (19%)
    Runner-ups: Strika, Megaplex (13% each)

    Favourite Collectors Club toy
    Winner: Ultra Mammoth (25%)
    Runner-ups: Depth Charge (20%), Scourge (19%)


    Favourite Transformers Comic Book Series of 2013
    Winner: More Than Meets The Eye (60%)
    Runner-ups: Regeneration One (22%), Robots in Disguise (8%)

    Favourite comics writer this year
    Winner: James Roberts (MTMTE) (57%)
    Runner-ups: Simon Furman (RG1) (26%), John Barber (RID) (10%)

    Favourite comics artist this year
    Winner: Alex Milne (MTMTE) (42%)
    Runner-ups: Nick Roche (MTMTE) (14%), Andrew Wilman, Guido Guidi (RG1) (13% each)

    Favourite individual issue of a Transformers comic released in 2013
    Winner: More Than Meets The Eye #21 (19%)

    Favourite episode of Transformers Prime season 3
    Winner: Predacon Rising (43%)
    Runner-ups: Deadlock (20%), Thirst (12%)

    Favourite Autobot character in Transformers Prime
    Winner: Wheeljack (24%)
    Runner-ups: Arcee (17%), Optimus Prime, Bulkhead (13%)

    Favourite Decepticon character in Transformers Prime
    Winner: Knock Out (35%)
    Runner-ups: Starscream (16%), Shockwave (12%)

    Favourite human character in Transformers Prime
    Winner: William Fowler (27%)
    Runner-ups: Miko (23%), Jack (21%)


    Best Australian Transformers-related news of 2013
    Winner: Toys R Us Australia stocks MP Soundwave (43%)
    Runner-ups: Metroplex hits Australia retail stores at a better than expected price (26%), Animated to be released locally on DVD (9%)

    Worst Australian Transformers-related news of 2013
    Winner: Generations figures not released in Australia (53%)
    Runner-ups: Australian dollar drops below parity (22%), MP Soundwave sells out too quickly (11%)

    Best Global Transformers-related news of 2013
    Winner: Details of new Masterpieces (35%)
    Runner-ups: New Generations figures revealed (34%), Beast Wars toys in Generations (20%)

    Worst Global Transformers-related news of 2013
    Winner: 30th Anniversary line includes expensive duplicate repaints (22%)
    Runner-ups: Smaller sized toys (21%), Knockoff MP toys (16%)

    Best Toy Dealer/Online Store
    Winner: Big Bad Toy Store (37%)
    Runner-ups: Robotkingdom (21%), Hobby Link Japan (6%)

    Best 3rd Party Transforming toy released in 2013 (inspired by a Transformer character)
    Winner: Quakewave (39%)
    Runner up: Hexatron (9%)

    Best 3rd Party accessory released in 2013 for an existing Transformer toy
    Winner: Dr Wu products (38%)

    Favourite OTCA customiser / creative person of 2013 (examples of their work appreciated)
    Winner: Lancalot (39%)
    Runner-ups: Snaketales (24%), M-bot (21%)

    Favourite Acquisition topic of the year
    Winner: December's Decorations (theshape) (21%)
    Runner-ups: October's.... purchases (Trent) (18%), November Nummies (fatbot), August Amalgamations (Hursticon) (11% each)

    Best Transformers Gathering/Meet you attended in 2013
    Winner: Parramatta Fair (67%)

    Ozformer Member of the Year
    Winner: Hursticon (22%)
    Runner-ups: Griffin (18%), Sinnertwin (15%)

    Additional comments

    Any further comments about this year's main line toys?

    "Not much interested me this year!"

    "Picking a Kreon is a hard one, I certainly like the line."

    "TFP Beast Hunters: Good cartoon, lame toys."

    "Pretty poor offerings within Australia this year, my wallet thanks Hasbro. Actually no it doesn't, I ended up importing a lot of expensive stuff."

    "Beast Hunters is weird, putting spikes on the toys isn't going to make the engineering any better. It's cool to have Transforming dragons though."

    "Beast Hunters were fairly bland, it's a real shame that the better toys at the end of the wave won't seem to make it to aust."

    "For the first time in a decade, nothing really appealed to me beyond a few mild interests."

    "Terrible. Mostly shelfwalrming junk - the few good things were Masterpiece Soundwave and Generation Metroplex."

    "Very disappointing that Australia didn't end up getting the Generations figures and dismayed at the general situation of Transformers in Australian Retail (feels like another "drought")."

    Any further comments about this year's other lines and import toys?

    "Sending love to Shogo Hasui-san. MP Prowl is perfect and amazing. Eagerly anticipating the upcoming MP releases."

    "Too bad we had to import almost everything on this page."

    "Materpieces have been great and was a tough choice, but Soundwave was bloody excellent."

    "Huge disappointment none were released on shelves"

    "This is where the bulk of my collecting was in 2013."

    "It's a real shame that distribution has been so poor. So many great figures simply didn't come to our shores, and we were forced to get them online for much less money and sooner than if they actually did make it here. Wait, what point was I trying to make?"

    "Encore Fortress Maximus gave alot of fans the chance to finally own what a lot of people regarded as their Holy Grail when it was released this year."

    "Hasbro Metroplex was an outstanding release, a colossal toy at a brilliant price (when on sale)."

    "Takara surprised and ultimately delivered an outstanding reproduction of this 1987 Grail piece AND and an absurdly affordable price too! 2013 may of been a rather forgettable year for Mainline Hasbro products, but it should at least be remembered as the year that not 1, but 2 Titan-sized Transformers toys were made available to fans both young and old with both being certified successes."

    Any further comments on Transformer fiction?

    "If there was a question for most annoying character from Transformers Prime the winner would be Miko."

    "It's sad to see the end of Transformers Prime, the series was very high quality and enjoyable, I would have liked to see it

    into a fourth and fifth season without being puched into the beast hunters. Having said that, it's interesting where Fiction goes when it is directed by an outside force, Prime seemed to benefit from having to make it's remaining episodes work, the writing got tighter and the episodes filled up a little more I felt in season 3."

    "Prime sucks, specially the human characters."

    "MTMTE continues to outpace all other Transformers fiction, yes, the comic is better than Transformers Prime."

    "So glad that the "Aligned" Prime series is over. It was a mess for most of it's run and was put out of it's misery none too soon."

    "Who among us could have honestly guessed that 'ReGeneration One', a continuation of the original Marvel Comics that existed to sell toys, would become the only main comic of 2013 NOT to be pushing a toyline? That's a remarkable turnaround, since 'Dark Cybertron' (or as I like to call it, 'Dark $ybertron') has pretty much become this."

    "Marketing Executives need to keep their damn noses out of the story & writing creative processes."

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    Nice to see the results.

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    Again, big thanks Paulbot! This is a great and insightful piece every year. I will buy 1 of the local bh deluxes based on this list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulbot View Post
    Favourite Beast Hunters Voyager (Powerizer) toy
    Winner: Shockwave (32%)
    Runner-ups: Sharkticon Megatron (19%), Ulta Magnus (17%)
    * Shakes head *

    Thank you for the debrief Paulbot.

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    2013 was Soundwave's year. He won 6 awards and was runner up for another three!

    I combined three separate Classics lines for the favourite series, since they were 3rd, 4th, 5th separately anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulbot View Post
    2013 was Soundwave's year. He won 6 awards and was runner up for another three!

    I combined three separate Classics lines for the favourite series, since they were 3rd, 4th, 5th separately anyway.
    Obviously he would win, he's Soundwave!

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    Mp 10 is right on the money

    Beautiful figure in and out.

    My son still sleeps with his 5 out of 7 nights a week and I keep my one MISB on display in my study

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    Thanks again for the effort Paulbot.

    Some good and interesting results.
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain

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    Thanks for the results Paulbot. 2013 really was the Year of the Soundwave, he won so many awards.

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    Good effort Paulbot! MP Soundwave, Metroplex and Generations Springer were all faves of mine and got the nods they deserved. Personally, I'm extremely gratified to have gotten a mention in the customising votes, considering some of the stellar work that board members were putting out this year.

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