As a follow up to the Australian Store exclusives posting, this is the recoloured Classics bits Hasbro AUS mentioned. Since they didn't get back to me yet, I won't quote them exactly, but this info was in their email reply to my store exclusive query. Also, since I will keep this vague and unsubstantiated, this shouldn't be taken as confirmed or definite.

Put simply, it sounds like more of the series one Classics will be recoloured and released, featuring more Gen1 characters.
Possible figures may include:
- 'Premium' Optimus (maybe more Gen1 accurate colours)
- 'Premium' Megatron (g1 grey colours)
- Dragstrip (maybe recolour of either Hotrod or Mirage)
- Overkill (could be recolour of Grimlock)
- 'Premium' Cliffjumper (maybe new head or details)
- 'Red' Mirage (not sure what character it would be)
- Nemesis Prime (should be the SDCC toy)

I don't know much of this info is correct, because if the SDCC toy is included, this series would have to be exclusive to stores in countries outside of America.
Actually, it would be good if these were non-US exclusives, for countries like ours to have something worth trading back to the US fans for a change.
If this toy info is legit, some will be released here near the end of the year (maybe for non-US countries to have TFs at Christmas if US diverts all stock to themselves again), and I guess more in 2009 if sales go well.