Don't forget G2 Gobot Optimus Prime (see below in bold)

In Japanese toy continuity Bat Primal (known as Convobat) is definitely G1 Optimus Prime -- the tech specs explicitly state this (and Megalligator is G1 Megatron). I personally view the CD ROM versions of these toys as being Optimus Prime and G1 Megs because there's no Hasbro versions of these toys to contradict it (unlike say the regular versions of these toys). Although one could argue that even in Hasbro's toy continuity, Bat Primal and Gator Megatron are also meant to be Optimus Prime & Megatron, since their canon takes place in the pre-cartoon story arc, and neither toy ever appeared in the cartoon which retconned Primal and BW Megs as different characters.

Meh... in the Gokiverse, regular Bat Primal and Gator Megs are precursory versions of Optimus Primal & BW Megatron, but CD Convobat & Megalligator are Optimus Prime & G1 Megatron reformatted as Maximal & Predacon respectively.

I'd also like to point out the following...
+ Original G1 (& G2 ) Optimus Prime = Freightliner FL86
+ G2 Hero Optimus Prime = Kenworth (unknown model, possibly made-up)
+ G2 Laser Optimus Prime = Western Star 4964EX
+ G2 Gobot Optimus Prime = Lamborghini Diablo
+ RiD Optimus Prime = Hino Branbilar
+ Movie/ROTF/DOTM Optimus Prime = Peterbilt 379
+ AoE Optimus Prime, Evasion Mode = Marmon 97
+ AoE Optimus Prime = Western Star 4900SB
+ Sports Label Convoy = Nike Free 7.0
+ Capbots Captimus Prime = Transformers New Era 59fifty fitted cap
+ Be@rbrick Optimus Prime = Be@rbrick

I think Ultra Optimus Primal is meant to be a silverback gorilla (although too young to actually have a silver back according to the paint job on the toy ), and AFAIK Bat Primal's beast mode is just a generic bat (no identifiable species). All other Optimus Primes are based on fictitious alt modes, AFAIK.