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    Default Raider's Gigantic Wants List

    Hi guys,

    Updates to list below. Masterpiece, Beast Wars and UW now complete. Only a few bots to go for G1, not including missing accessories Only one Binaltech left to get!

    Interested in Japanese G1 bots from Victory, Masterforce and Zone. Let me know if you have any you are thinking of selling.

    Update 8 August 2019


    MP-4 Convoy box, instructions only. Have bot
    MP-8 Grimlock box only.

    Generation 1/2



    G2 Orange Devastator


    Powerlinx Hot Shot*(sportscar) w/ Mini-Con*Jolt*(helicopter)


    BT-17 Black Convoy


    Convoy*Reissue BAPE Ver. (green redeco)
    Astrotrain*in "prototype colors"
    "Dimension Exploration Researchers" aka "Gobots" (Bug Bite,*Bad Boy,*Treds,*Small Foot,*Path Finder, and*Road Ranger)


    Thanks to the following for helping me with my collection:

    Huffer - Thanks Autobreadticon
    Windcharger - eBay
    Gears - eBay
    Bluestreak - eBay
    Prowl - Thanks Linhart
    Smokescreen - Thanks Linhart
    Blurr - Thanks 1AZRAEL1
    Goldbug - eBay
    Chase - eBay
    Freeway - eBay
    Searchlight - eBay
    Rollbar - eBay
    Wide Load - eBay
    Grotusque accessories only - Thanks 1AZRAEL1
    Doublecross - Thanks 1AZRAEL1
    Repugnus - eBay
    Hot Rod Targetmaster - Thanks Linhart
    Hardhead - Thanks Jaydisc
    Fizzle - eBay
    Sizzle - Thanks me for finding this one in my old collection
    Guzzle - eBay
    Landfill - eBay
    Quickmix - Thanks Ravagecat
    Muzzle (Nightbeat’s Headmaster) - Thanks Autobreadticon
    Slapdash - Thanks Starscream77, CHILENO20 and 1AZRAEL1 for the rest
    Quickswitch - eBay
    Barrage - Thanks 1AZRAEL1
    Chop Shop - Thanks 1AZRAEL1
    Ransack - eBay
    Venom - Thanks higsy19
    Thrust - Thanks Linhart
    Trypticon - Thanks Hasbro for the reissue!
    Battletrap - eBay
    Pounce - Thanks Linhart
    Wingspan - Thanks Linhart
    Triggerhappy - Thanks 1AZRAEL1
    Cyclonus Targetmaster - Thanks Linhart
    Apeface - Thanks jaina85
    Flamefeather - Thanks Ravagecat
    Sparkstalker - Thanks Ravagecat
    Crankcase - eBay
    Ruckus - eBay
    Spinister - eBay
    Seawatch – Rescue Patrol - Thanks Autobreadticon
    Erector - Thanks Linhart
    Overload - eBay
    Ironworks - Thanks Jaina85 and eBay
    Groundshaker - eBay
    Retro and Surge - eBay
    Countdown - Thanks Linhart
    Pipeline - Thanks 1AZRAEL1 and eBay
    Takedown - Thanks Autobreadticon
    Crumble – Construction Patrol - eBay
    Full-Barrell - eBay
    Hot House - Thanks Jaina85 and eBay
    Roughstuff - eBay
    Greasepit - Thanks Jaina85 and eBay
    Skyhopper - eBay
    Skystalker - Thanks Linhart
    Cannon Transport - eBay
    Space-Shot - Thanks Linhart
    Volt - eBay
    Slingshot junker - eBay
    Silverbolt (with all Superion accessories) - Thanks Linhart
    Jolt - eBay
    Sizzle - eBay
    Dirtbag - eBay
    TM2 Blackarachnia - Thanks popculturepooka
    TM2 Tigerhawk - Thanks popculturepooka
    Buzzsaw - Thanks popculturepooka
    Claw Jaw - eBay
    Drill Bit - eBay
    Orcanoch - eBay
    TM2 Spittor - Thanks popculturepooka
    iGear PP03J/E/A (aka Not-Seekers) - thanks Trent
    FansToys Quakewave - Gumtree
    Fansproject Function X-1: Code - Thanks Autobreadticon
    Oiler - Gumtree
    Trip-Up – Gumtree
    Roadburner - Gumtree
    Nosecone - davieanix
    Override - davieanix
    Tornado - davieanix
    G2 Hero Optimus Prime - Megatran
    Cosmos - Gumtree
    Barricade - Race Track Patrol - eBay
    Power Punch and Direct-Hit from Battle Squad - eBay
    Windbreaker - eBay
    MP-05G Megatron - BBTS
    MP-11 Starscream - Facebook
    MP-09B Black Rodimus - eBay but thanks to DaptoDog for pointing it out to me
    Jetstorm - Thanks ChlorHex
    Lazorbeak - Thanks ChlorHex
    Lots Pretenders & Actionmasters - Thanks 1AZRAEL1
    MP-01 Convoy - Thanks micfox001
    Abominus - Rippersnapper, Sinnertwin, Blot, Cutthroat & Hun-Gurr - Facebook
    Flattop - Facebook
    Powerlinx Red Alert*(rescue SUV) w/ Mini-Con*Longarm*(crane truck) - eBay
    Race Mini-Con Team - Facebook
    Adventure Mini-Con Team - eBay
    Powerlinx Cyclonus*(helicopter) w/ Mini-Con*Crumplezone*(tank) - eBay
    Nemesis Prime*(semi cab) w/ Mini-Con*Run-Over*(space fighter) - Thanks Wormz
    G2 Drench - eBay
    Last edited by Raider; 8th August 2019 at 02:06 PM. Reason: Updating to include recent acquisitions

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