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Thread: Flashback: Last year it's Trivia, this year it's Transformers

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
    Boxed toys were usually received on special occasions like birthdays, Xmas etc., but the carded toys were cheap enough, e.g. $1.99 for an Autobot Mini-Car. I remember Constructicons being on the more expensive end for carded toys at $9 each, but they were still cheap enough that I was able to complete the entire set after a couple of months.
    $9?! Compared to what minibots were, that's pretty high. I never had access to G1 toys, being a child of the 2000s who watched the G1 cartoon. There were only a handful of characters who had G1-esque toys in the UT.
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    I never saw a minibot that cheap. $3.99 even $4.99 never $1.99. That price was toyword and K Mart. The big two G1 buying shops for me in the 80s

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