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Thread: Gun-Formers (imitation weapons) laws and requirements for Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by drifand View Post
    Overreacting? I don’t know but is not really a problem until someone brings authority to attention for no reason.

    Why not nerf gun? Heck that shoots as well.
    If you draw one of those at an officer they wouldn't respond back with a real gun in response because of the design (even if scarily close to the real thing) and colors (important) unlike say a united megatron voyager in poor lighting conditions while screaming off your head.

    While they do annoy me they exist for a reason, usually idiots who bring about change

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkHyren View Post
    I'm seeing some talk online about a third party human sized replica of Optimus Prime's blaster.
    Some people are voicing concerns that in Australia we'd need a license to own this, but would we really?
    I mean it doesn't look like a real gun in my opinion, just a sci fi robot gun, but what do the experts here have to say?
    I think it's going to depend on how it "fits" to a human.

    In this video, this guy makes about a 4ft long replica:

    And it's massively oversized compared to him.

    The one being produced is over 3ft long, so we're going to have to see how it scales.

    Compared to real world guns, the guy shooting in this video is 6ft 8 and the gun is over 3ft long:

    So it's going to be big!

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    Unfortunately common sense doesn’t work as well in the real world:

    Anyone with access to a bit of pocket money and YouTube would be able to mod it into something stupidly dangerous in short range.

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