2393CE: the crime lord Laurus rules Kariwak on Tropicana with an iron fist, jealously guarding control of the bitek trade ("Candy Buds," A Second Chance at Eden)

My latest acquisition is a Bot-Bot, which happens to be my 101st Bot-Bot, so...

* 30/7 - The Roman consuls Gaius Marius and Manius Aquillius defeat the Cimbri tribe at the Battle of Vercellae.
* Ptolemy Apion inherits the Kingdom of Cyrenaica (in Modern day Libya).

* Plutarch writes "Parallel Lives of Famous Men" containing fifty biographies comparing Greek and Roman celebrities; e.g. Alexander the Great vs Julius Caesar. It's like Epic Rap Battles of History... only without the rap. Or YouTube.
* Begin the Dacian Wars has.