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    Default Jaxius' Wantlist

    Hey all heres my want list.

    Astro Magnum 'sight' piece
    I was lucky enough to get an extremely cheap Astro Magnum off Ebay with its box, it has everything but the 'sight' piece on the back end of the gun
    It's the piece at the back here:

    SS Jet Shatter
    ER Bluestreak
    ER Smokescreen
    ER Prowl

    WANTED FOR CUSTOMS (doesn’t need to be in mint condition or complete)
    RTS Tracks x2
    Universe Sunstreaker
    Generations Wheeljack
    RTS Jazz (Multiple)
    T30 bumblebee/nightbeat
    Earthspark Bumblebee
    T30 Trailbreaker
    FOC Swindle
    Classics/Universe Hound

    Third party wants
    Igear Raptors (idw seekers)
    MMC Titanika (Strika)
    MMC Roadbuster
    JinJiang Superion
    TFC Piranhacon
    TFC Road Caeser
    TFC Liokaiser
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