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Thread: The Doctor Who thread

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    Demons of Punjab -- much like Rosa was also set among a major historical event, and like before they can do nothing but bear witness to the tragedy. Although the tragedy is ramped up quite a few notches. Again, this delves back to the old school format of the First Doctor being a historically educational programme. Although we still do get scifi adventure episodes like last week's The Tsuranga Conundrum. This series is proving to be interesting as it continues to draw on different elements from previous Doctor Who series to create a new blend.

    From a historical POV this episode works better than Rosa which had a few historical inaccuracies (but was mostly accurate). In Rosa's defence, it's because the characters in Demons of Punjab are all fictitious. These are fictitious characters set in a real life historical setting. But being fictitious there's much less to nitpick compared to Rosa, so I still do really like Rosa in terms of being a daring historical episode.

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    Wa-hoo, thread revival!

    Has anyone else seen the Mission to the Unknown recreation by a UK university?
    It should be up on Youtube.
    It appears to be a very faithful recreation. One of the original actors said in a docu the rocket set was identical to the original.

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