New Rogue One trailer with behind the scenes goodies.

I think that the director makes a really good point when he says that the tricky thing with working with an existing franchise is that you want to respect it enough not to mess it up and keep it faithful, but you don't want to respect it too much so that you're just copying what's come before and not bringing anything new to the table. If you make it too different then fans cry, "Ruined Forever!", but if you make it too similar then fans cry, "New product, same packaging - losers." But it's good to hear that at least he has this in mind and sounds like he's trying to make a good movie, so matter how it turns out at least there seems to be earnest intention in the making of this film.

I'm personally far more forgiving of movies that could've been better but were made with honest intent (e.g. Star Wars Prequels) over movies that turn out rubbish because the director just doesn't seem to care enough (you all know what I'm talking about ). JMHO.