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Thread: Any interest in getting Toyhax/Reprolabels through an Australian?

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    Try the above. That worked last year.

    I ordered on Black Friday and didn't get a sent email till the 21st of December. I get the feeling everyone knew the 50% sale was coming and waited and smashed them.

    Interestingly they are not doing a Black Friday sale this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevron Action Flash View Post

    I ordered with Toyhax in November. Stuff has not yet arrived so I sent them a please explain message.

    They said they send orders to their Australian distributor who then sends them out to customers.

    If this is the fulfilment model they are using then it clearly sucks balls as it appears they wait until they have enough Australian orders before sending those orders to their Australian supplier.
    So as a customer you have no effin' idea how long this process is going to take.

    This is how NOT to run an e-business. Not only does this SLOW down the delivery time, it's also deceitful as this process is not made clear to the customer.

    If anyone here has a direct contact at Toyhax, I suggest they politely tell them to cram this fulfilment strategy.
    they are also posting from Canada, which means the parcel to the Australian distributer is still probably going past the moon before reaching it's destination.
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    Quote Originally Posted by griffin View Post
    Try the contact details in post #19 for the Australian distributor... and be nice. There was demand at the time for a cheaper bulk ordering option, which could mean some delays if they only send shipments to Australia once every month or two.
    Got in touch via the link in this thread and a solution has been set in motion. Thankful for that. I'm sure the local bloke is doing the best he can, but I'm still not a fan of the fulfilment model...
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