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Thread: Toy Review - Titans Return Legends Brawn

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    11th Mar 2009

    Default Toy Review - Titans Return Legends Brawn

    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - Titans Return
    Size/class - Legends
    New/remould/redeco - new
    Wave - 4

    I've always loved Brawn as a character growing up, and finally there's a modern figure at the right scale. And someone at Hasbro mus really love Brawn to give us a Legends figure right after a TM in the same line!

    4WD mode

    He's a nifty little 4WD that looks like all beefed up with military grade plating, which is quite fitting for Brawn. All the necessary colors are there to homage the G1 toy, right down to the silver grille and bumper bar. There's a 5mm peg hole on the roof for weapon placement, which you don't get often enough for Legends scale figures.

    The roof opens to seat TM dudes.

    It's borderline G1-simple. The end result robot mode is excellent, although I wish the engineering is just a bit more involved. Also the back of the truck is a separate piece that becomes his shield. I'm normally not a fan of parts forming, but in this case I'm okay with it as it covers the sculpted details on the legs that reference the G1 toy.

    Robot mode

    I don't think I could ask for a more G1 Brawn in the official capacity. The color scheme, the head sculpt, the chest (oh that chest!), the silver forearms, and best of all, the proportions. They really nailed his squat bruiser stature with the short legs, beefy arms and big head. The head could stand to be a little bigger but this is probably as close to perfection for a retail figure. His shield can be stored on his back via the roof 5mm peg. I like to keep it there to recreate his G1 look, with the spare tire on the back.

    Compared to Bumblebee, you can tell he's much bulkier, and full of personality.

    His poseability is excellent for a Legends figure. On top all the standard joints, he actually has thigh swivels which adds more options and stability to posing. When was the last time we had thigh swivel on a Legends figure? (never?)

    Another great addition to outstanding TR Legends assortment, and another step to completing the 84/85 Minibots line-up.

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    27th Dec 2007
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    Brawn was first Transformer - the toy that got me into the brand and fandom back in late 1984. I can't wait to get it.

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    27th Dec 2007
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    He’s fine. Simple conversion. Captures the G1 look well. A big step up from the legion class toy of a decade earlier. Wouldn’t say a must have but good for fans of the character.

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