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Thread: Hello there, fellow Melburnian here!

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    Welcome dude great to see another fellow Victorian here . I'm pretty sure I got a first edition movie Ironhide someplace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post

    Many earlier G1 figures were reissued in the early 90s (in the gold Classic packaging). In 1990-91 I managed to pick up Classic reissues of:
    * Prowl
    * Tracks
    * Sideswipe
    * Drag Strip
    * Wildrider
    * Dead End
    * Rollbar (although I had the original... first time I bought a variant of a toy I already had)

    Hasbro also re-released some early G1 figures as mail-away items available with Robot Points. I got my Thundercracker, Sunstreaker, Ratchet and Wheeljack by doing so. Money is certainly more limited when you're a kid, and these re-releases and reissues proved invaluable in allowing us to acquire G1 toys that we missed when they were out on shelves in the mid-80s.
    We didn't get those in Malaysia. The Classics re-issues were exclusive to Europe and Australia/NZ.
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    Welcome. I'm hoping the upcoming movie Masterpieces will be worth getting. I'd especially like them to do a nice Jazz. Perhaps he will come with the movie accurate gimmock of separating in two?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaptoDog View Post
    Welcome. I'm hoping the upcoming movie Masterpieces will be worth getting. I'd especially like them to do a nice Jazz. Perhaps he will come with the movie accurate gimmock of separating in two?

    I'm looking forward to the movie masperpeices too, especially that potential Barricade. Although a movie mastperiece Jazz would be pleasing, I believe that Blackout should have the same treatment. I cannot think of a definitive Blackout besides the 07 voyager figure.

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    As someone who got into Transformers in 2007 the 10th anniversary of your Transfandom is certainly looking better than the 10th anniversary of the G1 Transfandom. Cos 1994 was a pretty crap year for Transformers. Toywise we did get some good figures in '94 was the year that first saw Transformers starting to become action figures with fully articulated robot modes, so this was actually a massive turning point. But there just weren't enough people collecting the toys in that year - which led to many stores not ordering new stock making it harder to find toys in shops. And a lot of these toys were also produced in smaller numbers.

    I distinctly remember walking into a toy store in 1994 looking for Transformers. I asked a member of staff if they had any stock, and he told me, "Transformers? They don't make those anymore." -- I wanted to slap him! But instead I fansplained to him that Transformers are still in production and that I was looking for any new Generation 2 figures. He told me that they didn't have any. But I continued scouring the action figure aisles and lo and behold -- on one desolate corner were the G2 Axelerators! (just like G1, only with black windows and eyes!) I didn't have Skram so I grabbed him that day. So wanted to find that previous staffer and shove that toy in his smug face but he was nowhere to be seen. But aside from toys we had no cartoon being aired on TV (other than re-runs of that awful G2 cartoon) and the G2 comics (which were actually good) were cancelled in this year (gee, axe us).

    And contact with other fans? Pretty much didn't exist. The internet (as we know it) was really at its infancy. Those of us with modems were logging onto local BBSs but I personally never encountered any other TF fans. Did know one user named "Skyfire" which got me excited, but he wasn't a TF fan (just coincidentally made up the name). But it wasn't until the BW years for me that I finally met other TF fans online. Until then it really felt like you were the last fan in the world, which really saps away a lot of your enthusiasm.

    ...okay, I'm done rambling. #wheniwasyourage

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