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Thread: Daily Transformers Trivia

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    Well done again to all of you playing at home. You're no ordinary fellow!

    01: Which Transformer is meant to have a New Zealand accent?
    02: The Diaclone toy known as "Tractor Shovel" would become which Transformer?
    03: Which G1 Headmaster toy suffers from Gold Plastic Syndrome?
    04: What is Agent Simmons' given name?
    05: Which BotCon exclusive toy is a repaint of Rampage?
    06: What does Wire Tap V20 transform into?
    07: What is G1 Laserbeak's Japanese name?
    08: According to the G1 comics, what was Swoop's original name?
    09: Which two Transformers who appeared in The Last Knight share their names with Autobot Targetmasters?
    10: Which Power Core Combiner is named after a Pretender?

    Answers from the previous quiz
    01: Slag and Sludge
    02: Through acceleration
    03: Power Punch
    04: Bombshell
    05: Rodimus
    06: JAAM
    07: Grand Central Space Station
    08: Pipeline
    09: Nuzzle
    10: Josie Beller
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    Well done, home players!

    01: Name any G1 Insecticon toy that was never sold in Australia.
    02: Who was the first Decepticon seen in the G1 cartoon who did *not* have red eyes?
    03: Which G1 Autobot transforms into a Volvo Globetrotter truck?
    04: In G1, what is the name of the volcano that the Ark crashed into?
    05: What is the name of the COBRA scientist who designed G2 Megatron's rail gun?
    06: What was the name of the golden disk stolen by Beast Wars Megatron?
    07: Who is the only non-Autobot in Car Robot who is not a repaint of a pre-existing toy?
    08: In the Unicron Trilogy, which of the Autobots' human allies is of Vietnamese descent?
    09: Which Decepticon attacked the Soccent Forwards Operations Base in Qatar?
    10: Who was the original voice actor for Cliffjumper in Transformers Prime?

    Answers for previous quiz
    01: Getaway
    02: Scrapper
    03: Black Zarak
    04: Seymour
    05: Shokoract
    06: Mobile phone
    07: Condor
    08: Divebomb
    09: Crosshairs and Hot Rod
    10: Icepick

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    New questions:
    01: What is the name of the super robot that the Constructicons merge to form?
    02: What is the name of the Constructicon steam shovel?
    03: What kind of dinosaur does Slag transform into?
    04: Which Decepticon Triple Changer is armed with an Electron Scimitar?
    05: Which Decepticon Triple Changer once impersonated a god?
    06: What is the name of the Autobot microscope?
    07: What is the name of the bounty hunter hired by Rodimus Prime to hunt down Galvatron?
    08: Which Autobot in the Generation 1 cartoon had an Australian accent? (or at least an approximation of one )
    09: Which Autobot Car also has a flight mode?
    10: Name any Decepticon Pretender whose shell has a human appearance.
    11: Which Autobot Pretender Beast was formerly a member of the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad?
    12: Who rebuilt Ariel as Elita-One?
    13: What is the name of Vector Prime's Mini-Con?
    14: Who is the only Combaticon who does not transform into a combat vehicle?
    15: What is the name of the alien species who seeded prehistoric Earth with raw energon crystal?
    16: Which Car Robot Transformer is a dual homage to both Godbomber and Ultra Magnus?
    17: Which Autobot mistakenly believes that Earth machines are living and that humans are their slave-owners?
    18: Which Decepticon-allied Nebulan shares his name with an Australian brand of bread?
    19: Why did Jack Angel take over as the voice of Cyclonus in the G1 Season 3 finale and into Season 4?
    20: The unproduced Microman toy "Planet Robot" later became the inspiration for which Transformers character?

    Answers for the previous quiz:
    01: Chop Shop, Barrage, Venom or Ransack
    02: Shockwave
    03: Huffer
    04: Mt St Hillary
    05: Sidney Biggles-Jones
    06: Sounds of Earth
    07: Gigatron
    08: Alexis
    09: Blackout (and Scorponok)
    10: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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    01: Devastator
    02: Bonecrusher
    03: Triceratops
    04: Blitzwing
    05: Octane
    06: Perceptor
    07: Devcon
    08: Outback
    09: Tracks
    10: Stranglehold (Bludgeon & Thunderwing have humanoid appearances)
    11: Catilla
    12: Alpha Trion
    13: Safeguard
    14: Blast Off
    15: Vok
    16: God Magnus
    17: ??? From the comic? Sunstreaker?
    18: Hi-Top
    19: Original Voice actor die
    20: ??? Unicron?

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