Quick side by side of visual differences between the official Takara MP13 & KO Takara MP13.

Official left. KO Right.
The KO has almost no white/yellow glow around Soundwave & Laserbeak.

The back of the box is the same. Also, Soundwave is a darker blue, and Buzzsaw in the chest is Black & White.

The batch number under the box looks cut in with a knife, not stamped/embeded like on the Takara box (top)

Every joint on the KO is ratcheted, except the elbows and head. Takara uses ratchets on the knee's and forward motion of the hips. The KO is a slightly darker blue and has a mirror like chrome on all the cassette player buttons. Takara buttons are much more silver.

The silver paint on the arms & legs of the ko is very thin, and powdery. Creates a spotty effect that is more reflective than Takara. The Takara paint is more silver and very smooth.
Also the biggest give away is the KO has custom articulated hands pre installed. It does not come with Takara standard hands. *Note, my Takara (on the left) has KFC hands.

The KO (right) also has an indentation detail at the elbow end of the forearm. Takara (left) does not.