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Thread: Xin - 3rd Party - In-stock/Pre-order/After-sale - update

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    Default Xin - 3rd Party - In-stock/Pre-order/After-sale - update

    Savier's Toys
    ACN: 123 130 692
    Operating since July 2017

    Store homepage:

    Browsing all preorders:

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    All third party:

    All 4th party (KOs):

    All combiners:

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    Store Facebook page:

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    Store eBay page:
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    Default About Preorder

    As for Preorder:

    Who will need preorder:
    I never preordered anything for my own collection before. However, as a seller, I won't get to secure spots and good price if I don't follow the preorder practice. That saying, even no one preorders from me, I will still preorder myself to secure the stock. However, my stock will be limited by the capital I can commit for the item. Then you may or may not be in the queue to buy it later on. Therefore, if you do care secure certain toys upon their release, you are welcome to preorder from me.

    How to preorder:
    As I source my stocks from China, I think I just follow the practice there. The preorder fee will be $10 per item, limited refundable.

    For an example, if you would like to preorder "FT not-Omege Supreme", please send me email to with the following info:
    "otca member name, First Name, Surname, postal address and mobile number and name of the toy you want to preorder and number."

    Once I can confirm the availability/spot, I will confirm with you in reply email then you can pay me the preorder fee.

    Once the toy is released, you will be contacted again for paying the rest. I will definitely try only ask settlement payment when I see those stock successfully arriving in Melbourne.

    With the $10 preorder fee, what you can get and what you cannot:
    If the toy IS released, you will have one. However, at the time you pay your preorder fee, you usually 1) will not be told the final price of the toy (as so many factors uncertain to affect the final AUD price, however, due to my USD free transaction and 4Px shipping, I reasonably believe my final price should be rather competitive); 2) will be told the release date, but do expect it will be delayed by 3rd makers.

    About refund:
    The preorder fee, once paid, will not be refund before release date and cannot transfer from one toy to another. However, once the release date is reached while the toy is still not available for any reasons (by me or my makers themselves), you can request your refund of your preorder fee. And you will not be obligated to re-purchase even the toy finally arrives.

    About the final price:
    To be exact, I am only able to know how much exactly I can charge you when the toys are being shipped and already departing the China airport. Any pricing before that point requires some guessing, which either over-charge or under-charge you later on.

    to be continued.....

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    Default About after-sale

    As for after-sale:

    I can provide after-sale as much as what I can receive from 3rd toy companies. If in future I might even be able to ask them to ship some parts in advance with the toy to Australia so we don't have to wait for replacement shipping.

    For now, if you receive a toy with missing hands, wings, wheels etc, please let me know. I will contact the 3rd makers to resend those parts.

    The cost of the parts is free, China domestic shipping is free too. The best way to receive the parts is to let it be sent with my next round shipping together to reduce the long distance cost.

    That's all I have to say, thank you for reading. I am waiting for FT not Omega Supreme's preorder availability will update soon.


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    Default FT not-Omega Supreme preorder


    I was preparing my pre-order list, but this one is a little bit urgent.

    I have nine (9) spots for Fans Toys (not) Omega Supreme for preorder (totally ten, one is booked so far).

    If you are interested in, please send me email,

    and provide:

    member id, full name, postal address (provide later is fine), mobile number (later is fine). Email time tag will be used as queue reference.

    The FT (not) Omega Supreme contains two separate releases, FT-20A and FT-20B, no split purchase. 20A is scheduled to release in July/2017, 20B is scheduled to release in Aug/2017. Once I can confirm your preorder, $20 ($10 for each release) preorder will be requested. Preorder fee can be refunded when passing these dates.

    As for the final price, I cannot provide the exact amount right now.

    Please do not PM me this time, the inbox is easily full.


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    Smile preorder list (17/Jun/2017)

    Hi, here is my preorder list:

    Limited quantity:
    FT not Omega Supreme, 9 available.
    Badcube not Brawn, 2 available.
    Badcube not Outback, 2 available.
    Ironfactory (IF)
    Ironfactory IF-EX21 not Shockwave 07/2017
    Ironfactory IF-EX20B not-thundercraker 06/2017
    Ironfactory IF-EX20V not-Skywarp 06/2017
    Ironfactory IF-EX23 War Giant two hands N/A
    Ironfactory IF-EX22 War Giant two legs N/A
    Ironfactory IF-EX24 War Giant not onslaught N/A

    Fans Toys (FT)
    Fans Toy FT-24 Rouge (not-Arcee) N/A
    Fans Toy FT-19 Apache 06/2017
    Fans Toy FT-17 Hoodlum not Hotrod N/A
    Fans Toy FT-20 not Omega Supreme 07/2017
    Fans Toy FT-21 Berserk mid/2017
    Fans Toy FT-28 Hydra - not sixshot 10/2017
    Fans Toy FT-22 Koot - not Kup N/A
    Fans Toy FT-25 Outrider - not Trailbreaker 05/2017

    Maketoys (MT)
    Maketoys MTCD-03SP not Ginrai 12/2017
    Maketoys MTRM-12 Howling Meteor not starscream 07/2017
    Maketoys MTRM-10 Galaxy Meteor not starscream 07/2017

    MMC R-27 Calidus not Hotrod 06/2017

    TFC TF-01 Raging Bull N/A
    TFC TF-02 Red Knight N/A

    DX9 D12 not Omega Supreme 3qt/2017

    UT M02 not Swindle 06/2017
    UT M01 not Brawl 06/2017

    PE not BW Leoprime 06/2017

    TFM M-03 Hovac Powertrain N/A
    TFM M-04 Over Turn not deadend N/A

    KFC Kingorilla not Apeface N/A
    KFC not Snapdragon N/A

    Badcube OTS-02 not Brawny not Brawn soon
    Badcube OTS-03 Backland not Outback soon
    Badcube OTS-01 Huff N/A
    Badcube OTS-13 Piper N/A

    Giga Power
    Giga Power HQ04 Graviter not-sludge 3qt/2017
    Giga Power HQ02 Grassor not-Slag metalic paint N/A

    TF Dream Factory
    Leader Class not (movie) bonecrusher 02/2018
    ================================================== ==
    The release date is roughly estimate only, I know now is already June, those supposed to release in June might be delayed, at least preorder is still open.

    My stock syncs with Chinese domestic release date, depending on 3rd companies' preference, it may be earlier or later than international release date, such as from BigBadToys, etc. For those marked as "N/A" don't mean it will come out late.

    Any questions, please ask.

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    Without prices, makes it hard to make a decision just fyi. Tbh I'd love to support and buy some things, but without even a price ballpark, I can't drop money onto it

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    Board rules, you need to display prices or admin will remove.


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    besides putting up prices, will you match prices in the market at the time of invoice/ delivery?

    Omega Supreme has come down in price dramatically recently and what if comes down again?

    Also thanks for the fantastic service with sending out not Jetfire. Great communication and prompt service.

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    Yep as others have said I cant even put a deposit on anything without final prices, I understand that as an individual that might be hard but it's just how it is :/
    Price matching while good isn't I think necessary, so long as you're trustworthy/have a good reputation and will deliver I'd be fine paying a little more then certain other dealers who shall not be named (within reason of course).
    Oh and because of being burnt badly it will probably be a while before I and some others will preorder anything from anyone, but having a preorder fee rather then having to pay it all up front will help build that trust so thumbs up for that

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    Hi guys,

    thank you for advices.

    I will post photos with them ASAP.

    I will try my best to do the price matching.

    As for the final price, I understand this is different from other preorders. Based on the distribution channel I am relying on, I really don't know exactly how my price is going to be. Actually all preorder customers in China do know what they end up paying in the end. The 3rd companies (maybe only half of them) will give out a so-called RRP such as "300+ RMB" or "600+ RMB", but no exact amount. Preorder customers usually get preorder price, lower than later RRP. I can get import price which is lower than preorder price. But in future, if I don't put preorder in, I will have to either preorder enough quantity myself or pay preorder price instead of import price.

    I guess maybe I need to work out an estimate formula to at least put an indicated price?


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