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Thread: Generations Titans Return wave 5 found in Australia

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    Default Generations Titans Return wave 5 found in Australia

    Wave 5 of Titans Return toys are now being found in Australia, and for all but one size class (Deluxe) it will be the last Titans Return toys before the new series begins at the end of the year (Power of the Primes).

    Titan Master (Heads) - - (Ramhorn) - NOT HERE YET

    Legends- - (Cosmos, Seaspray) - SIGHTED DECEMBER 20TH

    Deluxe- - (Twintwist, Windblade, Misfire) - SIGHTED AUGUST 12TH

    Voyager- - (Blitzwing, Octone) - SIGHTED AUGUST 7TH

    Leader- - (Overlord) - NOT HERE YET

    If you see any of the other toys from wave 5 here, let us know here or in the sightings section.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paulbot View Post
    Kmart Southland had the new wave of TR deluxes

    Quote Originally Posted by nyerk View Post
    Voyager Blitzwing and Octane at Kmart Booragoon, one of each.
    (no photos of the Voyagers in store yet... but there have been several sightings in the last week)
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