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Thread: 2007 Movie computer game concept art

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    Default 2007 Movie computer game concept art

    A blast from the past with some concept art for the first Movie Computer game by Ken Christiansen (mirrored here), featuring various drones that were produced for the game, and then ended up becoming toys at some point. He also includes concept art for Shockwave, to be a triple-changer (helicopter and gun battery).

    Triple Changer Shockwave Concept art: “Here’s an oldie, but one of my all time favorite designs. Time stamped August, 2006. Wow, that’s getting old. So happy to see this character appear in G1 form in the #bumblebeemovie . Went from a ‘Super Howitzer’ to an Apache copter”.

    Swindle Concept art: “The first character I designed for the game, which turned out to be the first toy I ever contributed to. So if this – getting to work on Transformers, designing characters for Transformers, having those designs being made into toys – wasn’t enough of a mind blower for me, the figure was included in the press pack to support the film. It was fun times.”

    Dropkick Concept art: “The second character I designed for the game, which turned out to be another toy! It was originally meant to be just a gray truck, but as Hasbro worked on the figure, they came up with the Decepticon symbol graphic, and asked us to add it to the in game character. Happily, because it looked awesome.”

    Dirtboss Concept art: “Dirtboss? That’s a name! The third character I designed for the game, which turned out to be another toy! But not for Transformers : the Movie, he came in 2009 as part of the Revenge of the Fallen line. That made me happy, because he was my favorite drone design, a little scrappy guy, so I was glad to see him get a toy version.

    Payload Concept art: “The second character set I designed after the initial 3 for the game, this was the kickoff, and turned out to be another toy. This one I got to do some graphics and I really got into it, made a stock armored car service logo, with a Decepticon symbol thrown in there. As fun as this one was to do, I think I like the toy even better. Except for the thing on his back. Owners know what I’m talking about.

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    These aren't new, but I've enjoyed looking over them none the less.

    I wish we'd had a Shockwave toy in that style.
    I'm really just here for the free food and open bar.

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