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Thread: Nightstalker's wobbly leg

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    Default Nightstalker's wobbly leg

    See here:

    Will injecting some nail polish into the location of the pin help stiffen it up?
    Also since its a small pin/tight location, is there a preferred application method?
    Is there an integrity risk of the plastic given its small size?

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    So it's a problem with the pin.

    I've never used nail polish or super glue on a pin before so it might work? I'd test it out on a junker toy that you no longer care about before doing anything to an MP figure.

    You might want to see if you can tap the pin out and try the nail polish/ glue trick on the holes and then re insert the pin once everything has dried.

    I'd also look at other TF boards and see if anyone else is having the same problem and what they did to fix it.

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    If it's an issue with the pin, I'd first make sure there are no hairline cracks around the pin on any of the mating parts.

    Once you have confirmed that, you could try removing the pin and then coating it with nail polish or something stronger. I expect a small coat would be enough, otherwise multiple thin coats will be stronger than one thick coat.

    You are going to be pushing it to coat the inside of the pin hole in any effective way that allows you to reinsert the pin.

    If there are cracks in the plastic, you can try to remove the pin and glue the plastic but on something so small it's going to be tricky. you'll want a glue that's very strong but something that isn't going to discolour the surrounding plastic. also a very small application as you don't want to fill or partially fill the pin hole.

    best of luck.
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