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  • Sixshot wins

    4 66.67%
  • Predaking wins

    2 33.33%
  • Double KO (Draw)

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Thread: Who would win in a fight? : Sixshot (G1) Vs. Predaking (Prime)

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    Oops, I voted Predaking assuming that it was for G1 Predaking.

    Prime Predaking would win if it was Predaking from his early appearances when he was utterly unstoppable and indestructible. But if it was from any of his later appearances, then yeah, Sixshot would stomp him down. TFP Predaking's power level is wildly inconsistent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shockNwave View Post
    By the way, can there be a more even match-up such as Sixshot vs. (the six-changer) RID Megatron?
    Sure thing

    I was meaning to post up another last week, but I had a case of flu-induced writer's block.

    I'll post up your suggestion plus another you might find interesting

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