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One scene shows American soldiers shooting into trenches to execute everyone inside. But there's this incredibly powerful scene where we see two soldiers in Nazi uniforms approaching two American soldiers with hands in the air surrendering. The Americans don't care about what the soldiers are saying and shooting them in cold blood, with one of them joking that they must have been saying, "Look, I washed for supper" and then laughing. These soldiers aren't even speaking German, they're speaking Czech! They're actually saying something like, "Please don't shoot us, we are Czech! We didn't kill anyone! We are Czech!"
Really, I wish that was subtitled because that has been entirely lost on me for the nearly two decades since the movie came out. I had no idea that they were Czechs, I always just assumed they were regular Nazi soldiers as I failed German hard.

And yeah I hate everything about movie Optimus Prime except for the design of robot and truck. Optimus Prime is Captain America not Red Skull.