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Thread: Who would win this fight? : Megatron (RiD - 2001) or Sixshot (G1)

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    Default Who would win this fight? : Megatron (RiD - 2001) Vs. Sixshot (G1)

    2nd match-up tonight (because I didn't do one last week..) will be between Megatron from the 2001 RiD series versus G1 Sixshot.

    A few rules first;
    - We vote on the outcome of the fight between the characters named in the title.
    - Neither character can call for help (i.e. none of their friends can jump in).
    - It's a first time encounter between the two characters. So neither one has had the chance to analyse the other's tactics or weaknesses.

    A blurb about our brutal combatants:

    Megatron (RiD)

    The Leader of the Predacons and Emperor of Destruction! Megatron has not one, but six alt-modes! – Himself (a vicious humanoid robot)! A car! A jet! A demonic bat! A TWO-HEADED DRAGON!!… And… A giant hand?! Though he is powerful, he is also a wicked brilliant mastermind who prefers to leave the grunt work and fighting to his lackeys. But beware; those who dare physically confront him will have to face the wrath of his CUTTER BEAM.

    More details

    Sixshot (G1)

    Oh no! The notorious Decepticon ninja assassin strikes again! He has six forms; Himself (robot)! A car! A flying wolf! A tank! A fighter jet! A laser gun! A mysterious seventh form no living person knows about! He has magical powers that allow him to cast illusions! And if none of that is enough – recent upgrades allow his HEAD to transform into a human-sized cyborg! Oh My Primus!!

    More details

    That's it! Voting ends Saturday, 17 March.

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    G1 Sixshot would beat RID Megatron. But if it was RID Galvatron, then I reckon Galvatron would win.

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    RID Megatron is a pompous windbag, no more powerful than the idiots he commands. Sixshot would mop the floor with him.
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