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    I am new members of Ozformers, a collector of G1 masterpieces, lego, and hottoys. has some BT/AT and combiner , love transformers since I was a kid, and only start collecting from few years ago, my favorite toys is devastator. I was a official toys collector only , but I was changed this years when I brought my first weijiang transformers, and I am now collecting masterpieces, combiner and 3 rd party /KO if the offical one is too expensive / low stock.
    I have a bad experience with one of the dodgy online retailer which took the full amount of pre-order but fail to deliver, which I am in process of dispute and chargeback. I miss a few MP toys and just need to buy the 3rd party as a replacement.
    I have a supplier from china which he agree to ship to Australia, so if anyone want to found any 3rd party transformers, please send me a message or e-mail.

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    Welcome to the Ozformers board clarkwan. There are quite a few members here who also are into Lego and/or Hot Toys collectables as well. Enjoy your time here.

    There is a separate Lego section on this forum, such is it's popularity.

    Here are some useful links (if you haven't already had a squiz):

    Ozformers forum userguide

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    Welcome! You are collecting some great toy lines there!

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