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    Like we have in the Creative area for TF and also the Star Wars area, I thought maybe we could have a topic where people can post photos of Lego. Doesn't necessarily have to be "action pose", could be themes and collections etc.

    Here is an effort I made for Star Wars day last week, May 4th. I wanted to homage that opening scene with the blockade runner and Star Destroyer. The original was a lot more plain so this is a "Special Edition" version which I made tonight.

    The UCS Star Destroyer is pretty massive and akward to handle and move around, some of the panels started coming off where the magnets are attached to the interior frames. I set it up on the kitchen bench and then remembered we have a couple of black blankets that would help with a backdrop. I did some editing on my phone and produced a plan black background image and shared on my insta and in a lego FB page. Some feedback got me thinking about how I could make it more authentic, I figured at the time it was advanced enough trying to do this on the phone! I dived into Photoshop on the computer and had a go at some stuff and got it to the image above.

    I uploaded a little "behind the scenes" thing as well:

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    Iconic! Can imagine John Williams' classic score playing in the background.

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    Very cool! Photoshoping is well outside my wheelhouse so I have great respect for those who can pick it up and have a good go of it.

    Love the behind the scenes photos as well, what an epic setup!
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