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Thread: AoE leader Optimus paint touch up

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    Default AoE leader Optimus paint touch up

    This is for the platinum edition that came with a trailer and shiny red Sideswipe. I felt the torso was a bit plain - too much shiny - so finally bit the bullet and added some blue! Specifically to completing the shoulder guards and painting the thigh pads, shoulders, stomach pieces and collar piece. I think it nicely breaks up the bling.
    Alt mode is unchanged.
    Also, despite what I've read the backpack can't be removed without compromising the robot mode. As best as I can make out this is different from the First Edition mold; specifically, the smokestacks are molded on to the robot body and not the vehicle shell.

    Before and after. Before pic taken from a stock pic I found on Google.

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    much better, for an ok mould.
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